Updated: Feb 22

With our time in Tennessee coming to a close, we were met with the choice of either moving back home to Michigan or exploring another state. After making endless lists of pros and cons and praying over what our next chapter would be. We we’re met with another option... “What if we hiked the Pacific Crest Trail?”. A thru hike from Mexico to Canada that we‘ve dreamed of doing since 2016.

Every year we had a new excuse “Now isn’t the right time”, “We can’t leave Lucy!”, “I need to put at least two years in at my job, maybe next year”. The PCT felt like a dream that would never become a reality. Still contemplating our next move, we came home after church and got right back into the daily routine of making pros and cons lists, only this time we made one for the PCT. After scanning our list over and over, it was obvious and the timing was actually perfect. All that was left was to see if we could somehow get the highly sought after thru-hiking permits.

The official permits for the PCT get released in batches twice a year and thousands of eager hikers wait their turn online to get their preferred start date. All of the permits get taken within those two days and since we missed this period our only chance would be securing the permits of a couple of hikers whose plans fell through. Once a hiker cancels their permit, the PCT officers will randomly release them sometime during their work week. So on a Monday in February, we sat online refreshing our laptops hoping for a long shot... two cancellations... at the same time. All of a sudden, after frantically refreshing for three hours straight, two permits at the beginning of March opened up! We were shouting as we quickly filled in our information and before we knew it we had permits!

This dream of ours had just become a tangible reality. With only a month to buy all the lightweight gear and build up our hiker legs, you can imagine the combination of joy and fear that swept over us both. Just think of any far off dream you’ve had, whether it be running a marathon or traveling to a place you’ve always wanted to see. Now imagine standing at the starting line or holding the plane ticket. That’s how this felt for us.

Follow our footsteps:

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